Roger.Thanks for the link to your article. I had in fact read it bfoere, and I remember nodding my head in agreement with what you had to say. But now we have another question. If the Australian emissions targets are so obviously unreachable, why would a (presumably) pragmatic politician like Julia Gillard act as if they aren't? Is she blinded by crusading zeal, or getting bad advice from her advisers, or both? She surely can't seriously believe that cutting Australian carbon emissions by 25% by 2020 will have any significant impact on droughts or bush fires. Or maybe she does .... Whenever I read about proposed emissions caps I'm constantly reminded of the fact that there is only one case where a group of countries has ever succeeded in cutting emissions by anything more than a token amount - Russia and the other East Bloc states in the 1990s. And they did it not by design, but by collapsing economically. Maybe some politicians need to be reminded of this from time to time too.

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